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My hypnosis clients have had incredible successes, and affirm for me daily that I am on the right path.  One client breaks free from her unhappiness; another finds the root cause of his overeating; another decides to trust her gut and take that new job; another realizes that ones never to old to find passion in a new career; others gain new perspective on fear of loss of control or fear of rejection.

All of my NYC hypnosis clients become more at peace with themselves, more able to rely on their own instincts, and more excited to encounter the rest of their lives.

But what it is like to actually work with me?

There are a few different packages you can sign up for, but they all have a few elements in common, which I’ll describe to you below. I understand that it can seem intimidating from the outside, but hypnosis is truly comfortable, relaxing, and easy.

the space… or skype!

My clients arrive at my NYC office in my colorful, vibrant West Village neighborhood, and are welcomed into a quiet and calm room. There’s a wood-burning fireplace keeping the office cozy in the winter, and light streams through the windows all year round.

I also offer skype sessions so we can talk from the comfort of your own home.

your introductory session

intro-sessionAt the introductory hypnosis session, which is ninety minutes long, we talk for about forty minutes as I get to know your history and hopes, all of your struggles and your strengths too.

You tell me what you’re hoping to achieve in your hypnosis sessions. I explain hypnosis to you in depth, describing the role of the subconscious mind in our lives, and you begin to gain an understanding of why your issue has persisted. I guide you comfortably into hypnosis.

I use progressive relaxation and deepening techniques to deepen the relaxation and desensitize you to the issues you’ve chosen to address. Together, we create new known associations and feelings for your subconscious mind.

(Learn more about what hypnosis is and how it works here.)

You awaken feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed. We don’t talk and analyze after the session; you leave in your relaxed state and let the work you did in hypnosis integrate into your week.

Note: During any hypnosis session, at any point, you are always able to stop, take a break, or even leave—although in the hundreds of hypnosis sessions I’ve completed, no one (even the most anxious clients) has ever wanted to leave early.

subsequent sessions

At subsequent sessions, we always begin with a conversation, and again I lead you into hypnosis. We delve deeper into the subconscious realm, eliminating self-defeating thoughts and old rules and identities, strengthening your mind and your heart. As we cleanse you of your old patterns and pitfalls, you become stronger, and open to a new life… beyond your imagination.
From there we weave and create new ways of being and doing as you move forward.
We continue to tap into your own personal imagery as you learn more about yourself.

subsequent-1As we delve deeper,  we build your “muscle” for visualization and imagery. Your trust in your subconscious grows, and your mind begins to release those firmly held beliefs you have about yourself, your history, and your limitations.

sub-21We develop tools for you to use in your daily life, away from the safe haven of my NYC office, continually reinforcing for you your new ways of being. Your resolve and resilience are bolstered by the newfound awareness you have of your true self. You become able to navigate the storms of your life with ease, knowing that you have your own center of calm to revisit and draw on whenever you need.


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my credentials

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotist – Graduated 2013 from the Hypnosis Motivational Institute after 800 hours of training over a years time. HMI, founded by John Kappas is the only accredited college for hypnotherapy in the USA.

Certified Master Imagery Facilitator – A 90 hours specialized training in imagery and the subconscious based on the ‘Kappasinian’ theory and hypnotherapy techniques from HMI… A rock solid foundation for imagery journeys in the areas of Basic and Advanced, Mythic and Archetypal, Life Passage and Metaphysical, culminating with Life Mastery and the Art of weaving imagery and suggestion.

Additional Certifications – Reiki Level One, Past Life Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation, Hypnosis and Weight Loss, Hypnosis and Seniors, Hypnosis and ADD, Hypnosis and Sports Performance, Hypnosis for Pain Management.

Level One Aromatherapy Certification… Incorporating the incredible power of Essential Oils into my sessions and into your daily health regime.