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“Joan Teasdale is a miracle worker! I had my doubts about hypnotherapy, but, as a writer and as someone who’s suffered from anxiety my entire life, I discovered how easy it is to let go, imagine the life I want, and make it happen. Joan is the real deal, sincere, trustworthy, caring. Are you feeling stuck and want to live your best life? Start with Joan!” ~M.H. NYC

“I’ve been a lifelong nail biter and TRULY thought there weren’t any options for me to stop the habit. Fast forward to after a session with Joan and my nails are happily growing! I was even feeling compelled to paint them (I think for the first time in my entire life!) and feel proud to show them off now. Gone are the days of going to great lengths to hide my nails, which contributed to a general lower confidence. What I appreciate most is that with Joan’s approach, I’ve been able to just decide on a very practical level that I don’t want to bite my nails. I always had the impression that for hypnosis to be successful, you’d have to become literally disgusted at the prospect of picking up the habit again. I’m grateful that this achievement for me isn’t coming from a place of negativity or shame, but from a place of sustainable, steady, conscious thinking. Joan also takes the time to really equip you with the background knowledge of what you’re working on during the session and why. I feel empowered to see other “bad” habits or behaviors I want to stop NOT as inevitable but rather as something I do have control over and can change for myself.” ~J.B. NYC

 “After 3 sessions with Joan, I can say with full sincerity that working with her has opened up my heart in some very profound ways. I initially visited her with hopes of cutting down on bad habits, which was addressed early on and successfully, but as we’ve gotten to know each other, we have focused on more personal, abstract areas of my life. Our first session tackled the tangible things, like my bad habits, freeing us up to work on self-esteem issues, blockages in my friendships and a life-long battle with chronic pain. “Opening my heart” is the best way I can think to explain how she has changed me. I feel an inner calm that has helped me become a much better listener, both to myself and to people in my life. My issues have not disappeared entirely, but rather, she has helped me reframe my own thoughts regarding these issues and constantly makes me feel like I have a true champion on my team. She is kind, supportive and very intelligent. I am a somewhat guarded person emotionally, but I have found myself opening up to her easily and each time I leave a session, I feel lighter in my own body and am able to carry the feeling with me all day. In addition to the actual hypnosis, she has also given me some great (and easy!) daily tools to continue evolving my relationship with myself. I highly recommend Joan!” ~ G.L. Brooklyn NY

“Joan has helped me to overcome hurdles and achieve goals I wasn’t sure I would. It isn’t what is waiting around the corner that can be so daunting but taking the first step towards that corner. Through my hypnotherapy sessions with Joan and my own reflection I have come to see that for me it was not the fear of failing as much as it was the fear of trying because how can you possibly fail if you never try? With Joan’s help I have broken through the barrier that was stalling my progress. Failing is easy, life isn’t.” ~ R.D. LI NY

“Joan is a highly trained and very effective practitioner! When I left my first session people kept stoping me on the street to tell me what great energy I have and asked me what I was doing! Looking forward to me next session!” ~ E.F. NYC

“Joan is fantastic. I struggle with anxiety and self image issues that were beginning to impact many areas of my life. After a few sessions with her I developed the skills to curb my anxiety and got to the root of my self image issues. I couldn’t recommend her more!!” ~S.F. NYC

“Joan is an incredibly compassionate, intuitive, and brilliant healer, and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her. When I unearthed the gem that is Joan three months ago, I was at my wit’s end with a decade-long struggle with chronic illness. I had seen dozens upon dozens of doctors/healers (both traditional and extremely woo-woo), spent thousands upon thousands of dollars, and felt like I’d tried just about everything. But I hadn’t tried Joan.
It’s difficult to summarize all of the personal revelations and transformations that took place during our six sessions, but I can say that Joan helped me realize why all of my previous efforts had been ineffective and she helped me heal. Consciously I desperately wanted to be healthy, I was holding on to subconscious beliefs and thought patterns (picked up from childhood, my experience with chronic illness, or just culture at large), which were inhibiting and sabotaging my progress. Through a skillful combination of conversation, hypnosis, and guided imagery, Joan helped me identify and reprogram these limiting beliefs and patterns so that I could get out of my own way and start healing.
In our six weeks together, I felt more improvement than I had in the previous six years. In six weeks. That still blows my mind. I went from living in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and general dis-ease to approaching each day with a sense of joy, purpose, and excitement. There are, of course, still moments where my old limiting ways of thinking creep in, but I now have the tools to recognize and transform them. My subconscious beliefs are now aligned with my conscious intentions and desires, I no longer feel like I’m constantly fighting against a rushing current. Now I am flowing with the current: growing, healing, and succeeding with a sense of ease I never even knew was possible.
Just a few months ago, I remember feeling so desperately ill and reading reviews like this and hoping that someday I would get to a place where I felt well enough to write one. I am eternally grateful to Joan for helping me reach that place.” ~ J.I.  Brooklyn, NY

“With the up coming knee replacement on my mind and stressing me out and the constant hearing that recovery is the most painful of surgeries, I contacted Joan thru a small ad found in Westview a local West Village publication. She worked with me to allay my nervousness; it was a cross between having your own cheerleader and a coach. I came thru the surgery with a positive attitude and a recovery as a way to do something good for yourself.  Another plus Joan is accomplished aromatherapist supplying me with essences to help with sleep and salves to help with pain. Her generosity extended to visits to my home and to the facility that I went to for recover. Another knee replacement awaits in the wings but this time I know where to go.”  ~ MJG NYC Production Stage Manager

“Joan was an instrumental caring person who was part of my healing team.  Last year I was suffering from Eczema that was all over my body.  I was geographically challenged to see Joan in person because I live on the West Coast of B.C., in Canada. Thank goodness for modern day technology as Joan and I were able to have all of our sessions via FaceTime.  Joan’s kind and caring manner helped heal my inner world and she was able to calm my mind and heart with her wonderful hypnotherapy.  With deep gratitude, thank-you Joan!”  ~ C.M. Whistler, Canada

“I turned to Joan Teasdale’s hypnotherapy after years of trying to address fears of intimacy through talk therapy, couples counseling, 12 step groups and even a shaman and a psychic. Many of those approaches helped me understand my problems intellectually, but did not change them. It was frustrating to simply know more but not alter my hidden assumptions. Joan helped push some of the obstacles of consciousness aside and dig deeper into the subconscious where my fears are rooted. While my intellect was defensive at first, some of the barriers started to open after several sessions. On many occasions after hypnotherapy  I would find my subconscious revealing things to me with vivid dreams. I feel I have made more progress with Joan’s approach than with other therapeutic approaches I have tried. My state of mind continues to evolve and I am more confident that the behaviors I want will follow.”  ~ D.B. Executive NYC

“Our work together has been a game-changer for me. Joan’s insight, patience and expertise has allowed us to accomplish so much in such a short time.  Professionally, she helped me stop the loop of negative thinking which had settled in, unwittingly, over the last few years.  Working with more positive imagery has allowed me to commit to a new business venture and weather the ups and downs more easily.  Personally, I have new relationships and deeper old relationships. When I leave our sessions, the feeling of relaxation and serenity is astonishing.  I could never have anticipated the positive effects hypnosis has had on my state of being.  Most of all, I am so grateful to have found a skilled practitioner like you, Joan.  Thank you.” ~ K.K. NYC

“Joan Teasdale is a miracle worker. I live a fast paced fairly stressful lifestyle with lots of travel. I’ve struggled with sleep issues for years and Joan dramatically improved my ability to achieve deep sleep and has greatly improved the overall quality of my life”.  ~ Corporate CEO, Seattle, WA

“Joan offer’s tremendous insight through her hypnosis sessions. I’ve found them to be immensely valuable.” ~ Nick G. NYC

“This has been helpful for the understanding of the mind body connection.  It’s helpful for me to understand that self improvement does not need to be hard. It’s also helped me to develop a sense of trust. Joan is unique in her approach towards listening and using real wants and needs in therapy.” ~ W.K. NYC

“Joan’s intuition is spot on! She “got me” in the first 30 minutes of our session. Her knowledge of hypnotherapy and training the subconscious mind is outstanding. My sessions exceeded my expectations as I felt like I had experienced hypnotherapy, psychiatric counseling & life coaching all rolled into one session!” ~ B.C. NYC

“Working with Joan was LIFE CHANGING for me. I am currently in the process of starting my own business and working as a yoga teacher. Joan had a huge part to do with my transition into achieving my dreams. There is no question in my mind about the decision that I made to work with Joan. It has been a miracle and I am beyond grateful for all of her guidance and support.” ~ K.M. NYC

“I had been informed by a physician (a well as a therapist) to try hypnosis for a mild disorder that has plagued me for the majority of my life. Years had passed with no solution or cure, only brief periods of respite. During my sessions with Joan, it didn’t take long for me to notice that not only was the issue that I had originally gone to see her for was being addressed but somehow subtly everything in my life was being addressed and guided favorably forward, gently but effectively. I followed her instructions while “under” and at home and somehow, I can’t say quite when, but I noticed that during the 6 weeks I saw her that my condition went away.” ~ J.W. NYC

“Hypnosis is the most amazing experience I have ever had. I have never been as relaxed, balanced and centered. I smiled for a week after my first session. I could not get the smile off my face. The hypnosis has given me more stability, which improved my relationship tremendously. I have had 12 sessions of hypnosis and feel like I have reached goals. The imagery excites me most.” ~ A.S. Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you deeply for meeting with me last week and taking me through my first hypnosis.

Since then, I truly feel different – more positive, relaxed, and at peace.
I was wondering if you have the availability to meet again. I’m also wondering how we would hypothetically move forward if I were to come on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.” C.T. NYC

“I am feeling fantastic since our first session and sleeping good. My venting dreams are are pretty vague thus far, but I am having them. I’m very interested in booking more sessions.” K.C. NJ

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  • Powerful effects
  • Opened my perspective
  • Change behaviors
  • I am a different person
  • Living the life of my dreams
  • An answered prayer
  • I got everything I was looking for and more
  • Safe comfortable atmosphere
  • Warm caring therapeutic experience
  • I moved on in my life
  • Not only was the issue addressed but subtly everything in my life was being addressed moving forward gently and effectively
  • Hypnosis stopped a formidable habit that had caused me so much distress in my life
  • I feel that now I can challenge change and conquer any aspect of my life
  • Joan’s energy and time is truly a healing experience
  • Amazing dreams last night. Thanks for unlocking them. It has been good working with you
  • It was more powerful than I expected and really resonated with me
  • You really opened up a world of possibilities in my session
  • Cleared my mind up from the anxiety, depression, and impulses that stemmed from my past
  • I literally felt better immediately after our session was over and have continued to feel better since
  • I overcame my addiction, moved on in life and reached new goals
  • She helped me through a time I could not face alone
  • She has helped me to unlock negative thoughts
  • I could hardly believe how quickly the change came
  • She helped me unlock negative thoughts that kept me caged for so long
  • Hypnosis is the most amazing experience I have ever had.
  • The imagery excites me most
  • Thanks so much Joan. I know I am moving in the right direction now
  • Joan is unique in her approach toward listening and using real wants and needs in therapy
  • Hypnosis has been helpful for the understanding of mind/body connection
  • It’s helpful for me to understand that self improvement does not have to be hard
  • The affirmation-gratitude loop is brilliant
  • I am very grateful we are working together
  • We had a great week with three top notch meetings that went well for all of us
  • After the hypnosis session I was so relaxed throughout the day and I noticed sections of my skin start to get a little better
  • It’s not a change I expected so quickly
  • I’m more confident than I used to be
  • It’s ok to be proud of myself
  • I don’t feel guilty about having a good time
  • I can perform tasks much more easily now.
  • I am past my blocks
  • I feel incredibly balanced now
  • My sessions exceeded my expectations as I felt like I had experienced hypnotherapy, psychiatric counseling & life coaching all rolled into one session!
  • Joan’s intuition is spot on!
  • A powerful and blissful experience that allows you to let go and awaken with new eyes.
  • I went to Joan for pain management, specifically for tendinitis in my arm.
  • After a series of hypnosis sessions my pain rating went from a 7 to 0.
  • Our work is continuing to help me. I feel invincible. It’s incredible.
  • One pre-operating attendant said “you looked pretty chill”. I thought, I am.  The recording was so helpful
  • I had thought that this was “impossible” – it’s not! It’s all a state of mind
  • A lot of things changed dramatically in my life in the last 6 months since I saw you. Can’t wait to share.
  • I am still riding the wave of the work we did. I have a clarity about my next step. I will be in touch when I am ready to address another aspect.
  • Just writing to thank you as after the 1st session I am feeling great.
  • I wanted to reach out to let you know my presentation went really well. Thank you so much for your help and guidance, the time we spent working together feels like it has been very fruitful.

Joan Teasdale is a Consulting Hypnotist in New York City offering hypnosis for change. She’s a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in California, and a Certified Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator. Also Certified in Aromatherapy Foundations from the NY Institute of Aromatherapy,  Joan offers hypnosis sessions at her West Village NYC office as well as via Skype from her office in Jackson, Wyoming. Joan shares her skills at various Wellness Retreats from St Barth's to Seattle.