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Everyone is different and there is no formula for the number of hypnosis sessions needed. No two hypnosis sessions are the same. I’m happy to do hypnosis sessions in person at my New York City office, and I also have clients from all around the world join me via Skype or FaceTime from Jackson, Wyoming to Vancouver to Dubai!


introductory call

This is a free fifteen-minute phone consultation, where we meet each other in conversation, discuss your needs, and discuss the best way to proceed for you, and talk about pricing too. 


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introductory session

90 minutes

The required starting point for all hypnosis clients, the introductory session begins with a conversation about hypnosis, your issues and challenges, your dreams and desires. You will learn a theory of mind and an understanding of why your issue exists… and persists.  In hypnosis, you will experience new thoughts and feelings normally blocked by the critical mind. Through positive suggestion, imagery and metaphor the mind accepts change allowing you to feel better …. and then better. Even this one hypnosis session will help you make enormous change in your life.

Note: This session offered only in West Village NYC office

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power up

Four 60 minute hypnosis sessions

Introductory session is a prerequisite We start to build your subconscious muscles in this series of four sessions, gaining deep understandings of your subconscious motivations and giving you tools for daily reinforcement of the work we do in hypnosis. Most clients begin with this package and many book another four sessions. I find that 4-5 sessions is the tipping point.  All clients really see themselves in a different light at this point.

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world of images: a journey within

Seven 60 minute hypnosis sessions, and one 2 hour photo session

Introductory session is a prerequisite Our process goes even deeper. You become more self aware, more calm, clear and confident: you are eliminating blocks, recognizing excuses and accelerating change, reframing the events and emotions that have created the blocks, leaving them far behind you. Through hypnosis and imagery processing, new perspective becomes easy as you gain a clearer understanding of yourself and others. Tools for daily reinforcement become your practice. You notice yourself shifting to believing change is happening before it actualizes in your life. The inner awareness must come first. You will feel good and then…actually look healthier. Let’s capture that amazing feel and look!

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journey into past lives

2 hours

Introductory session is a prerequisite Curiosity could be a reason to experience a Past Life Regression, but for most it is a path of personal healing and growth.  I assist you in processing memories and relating them to your present life. I do not suggest. In a deep hypnotic state the memories come from within you. It is an active, not a passive process. You participate fully in the regression as I guide you through it. You begin to see personal relationships in a new light, release fears and anxieties linked to past traumas, understand and align with your life purpose, and gain direct experience of yourself as a soul journeying toward healing and growing through time.

Note: This session offered only in West Village NYC office Book a Session

Joan Teasdale is a Consulting Hypnotist in New York City offering hypnosis for change. She’s a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in California, and a Certified Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator. Also Certified in Aromatherapy Foundations from the NY Institute of Aromatherapy,  Joan offers hypnosis sessions at her West Village NYC office as well as via Skype from her office in Jackson, Wyoming. Joan shares her skills at various Wellness Retreats from St Barth's to Seattle.