Facts and Benefits of Hypnosis

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Some Facts About Hypnosis

  • Hypnosis does not involve mind control, magic, unconsciousness, or sleep.
  • You cannot be made to enter hypnosis against your will.
  • Hypnosis is a natural experience. It happens every day when we become absorbed in doing something like driving, reading, or watching TV. If you can be drawn into the fantasy of a movie, you can being hypnotized.
  • Your senses are awake and alert in hypnosis—in fact the senses are heightened, more aware, and able to focus intently. Background noises are not a distraction.
  • You may experience time distortion—the session could seem lengthier or shorter than you know.
  • You are in control at all times during hypnosis.
  • You say and do only what you would normally say or do in a fully conscious state.
  • The subconscious mind makes up about 90 percent of your total mind capacity and contains a mental movie, or imagery of everything that has happened in your life—events, behaviors, and emotions.
  • As you enter hypnosis you bypass the conscious mind and can access information in the subconscious mind.
  • The use of hypnosis allows you to make changes quickly and permanently.
  • Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to help everyday people cope with everyday problems of living.
  • Hypnotherapy can help general self-improvement through stress management.
  • Hypnotherapists work in complimentary ways with physicians and other health providers to help optimize the care clients receive.

Benefits of Hypnosis

  • Boosts immune system, builds immune system, builds confidence and self esteem, helps you gain harmony, expands the mind in a safe environment
  • Become the director of your life—leave the old story behind
  • Experience more pleasure—less pain
  • Move out of sleepy consciousness into a focused, deeper knowing
  • Feel very connected within
  • Learn the art of attention, become aware and able to make a conscious, better choice instead of an old habitual, reactive, and destructive choice
  • Experience a letting go—a freer, richer, more creative version of self
  • Personal imagery allows you to see, feel, touch, smell, taste from a different perspective and heal
  • Visually, mentally, spiritually engaging
  • Affects the heart rate and blood pressure and is very effective in pain management, healing on a cellular level
  • Access the innermost workings of the mind to reach your highest potential
  • Hypnotherapeutic results can be restorative, rehabilitative, amazing, fun and miraculous

HYPNOSIS ALLOWS… you to image a better future, associate emotions to future desires and then let go … as you watch them come to be.. IMAGINE BELIEVE ACHEIVE

Joan Teasdale is a Consulting Hypnotist in New York City. She’s a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in California, and a Certified Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator. Joan offers hypnosis sessions at her West Village NYC office as well as via Skype.

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