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Possibility Begins in the Imagination

Imagine being healthy in mind and body; stress-less and fearless; thriving in your relationship with yourself and others; having financial prosperity; ridding yourself of old thoughts, habits, and actions; dealing with major life changes; discovering meaningful direction and life purpose; achieving your goals! You really can do better, be better and feel better!

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Joan Teasdale is a Consulting Hypnotist in New York City offering hypnosis for change. She’s a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in California, and a Certified Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator. Also Certified in Aromatherapy Foundations from the NY Institute of Aromatherapy,  Joan offers hypnosis sessions at her West Village NYC office as well as via Skype from her office in Jackson, Wyoming. Joan shares her skills at various Wellness Retreats from St Barth's to Seattle.